The 5 guys on my (& your) roster

The ex you shouldn’t text:

We ALL have that ex we shouldn’t text anymore .. but for some reason we feel there is something still there. Newsflash there isn’t. No matter how many times your friends tell you it’s unhealthy, annoying & just plain stupid that you’re still communicating with your ex honestly doesn’t phase you. So what do you do ..

“I just saw (so & so) and it made me think of that one time” *send*


As long as you don’t have bad // manipulative intentions I don’t think this is a huge problem but I will say it’s a bit attention seeking (which obvi I am .. & you probably are too). On the real though, you were in a intimate relationship with this person for an extended period of time. So what’s wrong with checking in once in while? You don’t have to hate your ex .. you just shouldn’t text them as much as you I most likely do.

The f*ckboi:

You know him and his game to well – like that’ll stop you .. TBH you’re single as hell, so yolo amirite? This guy is the epitome of friends with benefits .. he doesn’t want to date, definitely doesn’t want to text (unless it’s 3am) but is always down to do that one thing  .. f*ck.


I hate to love the f*ckboi. He’s the opposite of needy, always has plenty of boozes readily available and pretty much trademarked the term “Netflix & Chill” .. Of course he is hott and non-committal which makes you want him more but at the end of the day you know he is the one to call for a good time.

The friend you want to date:

This guy is the most confusing .. He can make you laugh so hard you can’t breathe, you could care less about the activity y’all are doing as long as it’s with him, you sometime mistaken his friendly banter as flirting and he does no wrong. He is so personable, goofy and you are, your raw self around him.


I am not saying that maybe in the distant future this friendship could blossom into a committed relationship but don’t get your hopes up. Easier said than done (trust me, I feel ya girl) but just don’t get too hung up on him. Enjoy the time you’re spending with him & the mems y’all share and continue to create more. If the relationship is as good as you think it is .. he isn’t going anywhere, stay light-hearted and have fun. If he it’s truly meant to be more .. it will be. Just let it happen my friend.

Ole faithful:

He’s an oldie but a goodie, he was one of the first but definitely isn’t the last, he comes with no strings attached and is always down to hang platonically or not – that’s up to you. You know that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve last had an encounter that he’ll without a doubt embrace you with open arms.


Sometimes you find yourself wondering if ole faithful is one of the best on the roster .. but then the been there, done that thought pops into your head .. & you’re all the sudden craving somethingone new.

The one you always regret:

This happens to the best of us but we still find ourselves feeling the same way time after, time after, time again. He isn’t just one particular guy .. he could be from a range of things. Whether you connected through an app, meet randomly out one night, a friend of a friend or just a dude that slid into your dms ..


No matter the method of the connection, it doesn’t change the way you feel. You battle with yourself .. to text or not to text .. do I really want to do this again .. maybe it was me  .. I believe in second chances don’t you? Fack it, doing it. But then you immediately regret your decision after .. well my friend don’t it again & learn from the past le duh. If it’s not for you then it’s not for you now. No regrets here just learning experiences.

Well guys that’s it for me and the guys on my roster .. Valentines day is tomorrow Just the most overrated holiday created by Hallmark to make people think they need to celebrate love more – hashtag vom.

I wonder who on my roster I’ll hit up for some holiday festivities ? Who knows maybe it’ll be you.

‘Til next time ..


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