Sayonara Su(M)(M)(M)er

Well, holy fack .. I literally blinked and my summer is over .. dunzo, peace-out sauerkraut, bai.

Some of you basic’s are like: omfg PSL are back – honestly die (jk) but srsly stfu. The first official day of Fall according to Google is September 22nd so .. get yo shiz together hmm k?

TBH, I personally feel that I thrive in the summer .. this Leo loves nothing more than: beach trips, cold drinks, tan skin, salty hair & wearing scandals to pretty much any occasion – ya feel?


Seems I was so busy thriving during the entire month of August that I didn’t have time to write a single blog post.

So, lucky for you I’ve decided to do a little *catch-up* post .. nahmean?

With that being said, my month was filled with what I am going to call the 3Ms ..

Moving – Minnetonka – Marriage

M1 – Moving:

I LOVE MOVING -said no one ever. Moving is the actual worst .. you start packing and at some point you just look around and ask yourself how in the hell did I accumulate this much shiz!?

Though moving did indeed suck, especially in the 100 degree heat, it was WELL worth it .. I was much over due for a change of pace and scenery.

I’ve never lived alone and wasn’t sure if I’d even like it .. but there is literally no better feeling than walking into your own place and everything is exactly the way you left it.


I abso-facking-lutely love my new location in Inman Park.. walking distance to both the Beltline and Krog Street Market, Little 5 Points is right around the corner, Candler Park is a short bike ride away, added bonus: I cut my work commute by 30 minutes and that in itself made the move worth it.

Needless to say if you’re ever in the neighborhood, holla at cha boi!

M2 – Minnetonka:

If you know me at all, then you probably have heard at some point in our friendship, me mention: “that one time I studied abroad” .. You’re also probably sick of me talking about it and the amazing peeps I met while I was there.

So, I’ll keep this short and sweet:

Back when I was sophomore in college, I gallivanted around Europe with a group of kids who all attended different universities around the United States. For the most part we’ve all kept in touch in some way or another but haven’t been able to be in the same place at the same time since 2012.

This weekend trip was 100% the highlight of my summer .. we all literally picked up exactly where we had left off. The reminiscing, drinking and laughing was non-stop.

Each person I met while abroad played a huge role in my life at that time .. we each formed such bond I had never experienced before. My fellow stabz (what the local uni students called us) are some my life-long friends.

Our stabz reunion was all that and then some .. special thanks to Joe J, for hosting all of our crazy azzez at his lake house. Also to Paige for coordinating the pick up/drop off situation from the airport and to Delaney for the custom snap-chat filter for the weekend. To Sam for getting lost, and to Tyler for turning up the only way he knows how. Shout out to Rachel for taking selfies with me and to Jamie and Gracie who went wake boarding hungover before our flights .. To Bo who took a shot off of Alex’s stomach and to Ben Quinn for just being himself and to Joe L for getting kicked out of the bar on night one.

Y’all not only made my experience abroad unforgettable but also this short summer weekend-cheers my friends .. until next time!

Lastly, M3 – Marriage:

Seems like everyone these days are either already: engaged, married or having a child .. which is great if you’re into that type of thing. Me on the other hand? Not-so-much.

But on the real .. weddings are pretty awesome as long as you’re not paying for them.

Open bar (check), live music (check), several course meal (check), dancing with the mother of the bride (check)

A great friend of mine recently got married at a winery called Villa Bellezza, not only was the venue unreal, she was such an incredibly beautiful bride .. I actually got chills watching her walk down the aisle.

Every little detail down to the name cards was perfectly Renata’s style .. you could feel the love flowing through-out room and it was truly so special to be part of her big day.

The father/daughter dance that they practiced for months was so fun and entertaining. Each toast made by close friends and family members had all the guests laughing and crying at the same time. And who doesn’t love a good photo-booth?

Over-all the weekend was filled with such love with such great people, I couldn’t help but return back to Atlanta in high spirits .. even though marriage is no where on my radar, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them am-I-right?

Wishing the best of luck to the newlyweds Ren & Bo!



Woof, well that’s it for me ..I am so sad to say sayonara to summer but it’s time to start fresh in fall.

Be on the look out for my next post!


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