All Lives Matter

Before I go any further .. if you haven’t noticed  social media actually, just the news in-general throughout the world has been pretty negative.

Whether it’s a mass shooting, police brutality, our so-called presidential election, innocent police officers being killed or a peaceful protest that turns into a riot.. the list could go on and on.

It’s literally taboo to check your news-feed and find out, yet again, there has been another attack of some kind. It’s just sad and isn’t even surprising anymore.


With everything going wrong on in the world, you can’t help but to think about what your stance is.

The question I feel everyone is or should be asking themselves is: What can we do to help our country control these horrible things that keep repeatedly happening?

I am not writing this to add more negativity to your news-feed or to shove my opinion down your throat. I just want to offer my perspective-from my point of view.

I’d like to think my perspective is a unique one .. but doesn’t everyone?

My Dad, Lieutenant Vazquez, has worked for the Atlanta Police Department for 20+ years, he works hard everyday to provide and protect my family but also to protect his other family ..the city of Atlanta.


Growing up, I was no stranger to needless to say I have found myself torn in this blame game.

But with the recent shootings happening it’s hard not to say that the regulation of gun control needs some work.

Guns are not the sole reason we are in this situation, it’s obviously much bigger than that .. they are however a powerful machine, meant to protect or hunt but if put into the wrong hands can create unimaginable scenarios.

Discrimination and stereotyping is everywhere you turn and I just don’t understand ..

.. we are all humans.

ALL of our LIVES matter.


all police officers are corrupt”

all black people are ghetto”

all homosexuals are going to hell”

Stereotypes like these are hurting our society-more so, the ignorant people that believe in these stereotypes are the ones causing the most damage.

Are there corrupt cops out there? Unfortunately, yes .

Does that mean every officer is corrupt? abso-facking-lutely NOT.

Do black lives matter? OF COURSE they do.

So why are they being treated like they don’t?

One word: s t e r e o t y p e s.

“Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon, which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

giphy454545 (2)

You may agree or disagree with what I am saying but that’s your own prerogative.

All I know is as a society-we need to come together as one, respect and support one another, no matter socio-economic status, skin tone, religion, profession or sexuality. 

Just remember each and every person has there own perspective of life and the world around them. It may not align with what you believe and think to be true but in no way does it mean it’s wrong.

Stay safe, positive and open my friends .. that’s all for now.



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