Man, you (road) Trippin.

Okay, okay .. Where the h-e double hockey sticks is my summer going?

As I am sure you know, last weekend was the 4th of July .. aka every true Americans favorite holiday.

We celebrate our Declaration of Independence by dressing up as patriotic as possible, consuming unhealthy amounts alcohol and usually dipping out of town to the nearest body of water.


I have been on my fair share of road trips. Some good. Some bad. Some really really bad.

I’ll never forget my little brother Drew’s first long road trip.. Let’s just say he puked so many times we never made it to Miami for Thanksgiving but that’s a much more detailed story for another time.

Now, obviously driving 4+ hours in a car anywhere can be a bit miserable.

BUT when done properly with the right equipment, mindset and supplies you’d be surprised how easy a long trip could be.

Preparation is key, ladies and gents.

Whether you are headed to the lake with your friends or trapped in the car with your siblings .. these easy trip tips will change your next road trip!

Let’s start off with some basic trippin’ essentials: a werking vehicle, car-friendly chargers, a pillow, headphones, book/magazine & your fave gum.


That’s like the motherfacking bare minimum to the starter pack.. if you don’t at-least start off with that .. then all I can say is RIP.

Say hello to the  game changers ..

First step to upgrading your road trip is .. utilizing your hot-spot capable device.

Connect your tablet or lab-top & BAM’ve now got the option to surf the world wide web, catch up on your favorite TV series or take as many BuzzFeed quizzes as your heart desires.

35 Tasty videos later and you’re already down a couple hours of your trip.


Next, is a classic .. If you haven’t played this car game before, you really are trippin’..I am currently the reigning champ, no electronic devices are needed and as a added bonus even the driver can participate & win.

It’s a simple and easy game: Each person in the car starts at the letter ‘A’. While driving everyone is looking for a billboard with a word that starts with that letter. Once that person says the letter and word, you move on to the rest of the alphabet. First one to ‘Z’ wins.

The game can get pretty competitive and is a super entertaining way to waste time on a long trip. How many billboards do you think have a word starting with the letter ‘X’?


Podcasts-a great alternative to listening to music and can give you a fresh perspective on a topic that you normally wouldn’t think about. Or when you’re not in the mood for a convo with your fellow passenger(s).

If I am being 100% honest, I have only ever listened to seasons 1 & 2 of the Serial podcast-highly recommend BTW.

And now ..

The last and certainly not least essential you need is:

S n a c k s, yall.


Some of my faves include:  Cool-Ranch Doritos, Sour-Patch Kids, Boiled Peanuts, Swedish Fish, Baked Lays BBQ, Zapps New Orleans Kettle Style Voodoo .. (Blue Raspberry Slurpee if available)

Snacks can make or break a road trip .. pick wisely and remember that you’re in a moving vehicle.

Remember, that convenience and the perfect hold-ability to non-spill-ability ratio must be flawless.

That’s all for now.

Hope you enjoyed, that’s a wrap .. we made it-trips ovaaaa.


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