Dad .. you are my Father.

Dad – Pops – Diddy – Father – Fajur

You know the guy who would do anything for you and your family. The guy that has the best advice no matter what the situation is good or bad  ..

Yep, it’s Fathers Day weekend and if I am being completely honest my Dad is the definition of a bad-ass.

.. He is obviously the hardest worker I know, strongest dude around and probably the most supportive guy you’ll ever meet. If it wasn’t for him and his words of wisdom-I honestly have no idea where the h-e-l-l I’d be.

My Dad is the reason I am obsessed with traveling .. I want to explore the world with him and one day we will. I am super thankful for all the moments we’ve experienced together.

So in lieu of celebrating my Dad this weekend–I have decided to share with you my top 2 favorite trips with my Dad ..

First stop:

Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is seriously such a fascinating place .. Our trip was in January so needless to say it was facking freezing but no worries if you h8 the cold, having a pub on every corner can help you in that situation.

WE did a shiz ton of stuff-checked out the Guinness Brewery, munched on some delicious boxty, toured around Killkenny castle and participated in one too many pub crawls.

This trip was such a tease, there was so much to do/see but so little time .. I will always remember thinking that this trip was the *one trip* that began my obsessiveness with traveling.

Now we are off to ..

San Jose, Costa Rica.

We definitely cram packed this trip with everything we could possibly do: from zip lining throughout the rain-forest, we hiked an active volcano, to making fresh coffee from scratch and ended with a day trip to Tortuga Island.

There wasn’t a single moment that I would have changed.

Whether it was tasting authentic food, speaking with the local people, going on an eco-tour or listening to local musicians play through the buzzing streets .. our trip was nothing short of amazing.

Sidenote: Costa Rica is ranked the #1 happiest country on the Happy Planet Index ..

TBH-I am not surprised .. like let’s be real here: how could you not be happy while surrounded by lush green forests, crystal rivers, beautiful beaches and unlimited amounts of sunshine?

I cherish every moment that I share with my Dad-not just the trips we go.

His knowledge, perseverance & passion for his family and people in-general are just a few examples of how he achieves that ‘all-around great guy’ status.

No matter the situation is .. whether, traveling to a different country, simply talking on the phone or us just having dinner-I learn from him everyday.

He is my role model, my go-to-guy, my I.C.E., my #1 supporter and most importantly he is my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day Pops are the f*cking man!



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