I mustache you a question.

Let’s talk about the power of the stache.

My mustache and I, we go way back. A love hate relationship if you will.

It all began in middle school in the early 2000’s. In my mind, I literally woke up one day-looked in the mirror and BAM there was a bunch of dark hairs on my top lip. And trust me I was not okay with it.

I was a twelve year old: Abercrombie wearing, Fall Out Boy jamming-millennial  with a facking mustache. I begged my parents for weeks to let me shave it off before going into their bathroom and doing it myself. When I got my first razor I told myself I’d never see that stache again ..boy was I wrong, so wrong.

giphy (11)

>>>fast forward to fall 2010

I was freshman in college. It was about 2 weeks into my fraternity’s pledge-ship. Side note: One of the many rules during the best worst time of my life was that you needed to be clean shaven everyday.

You’re probably thinking what’s the issue then? Clean shaven = no stache .. right? Right.

Ever heard of something called a Mustache Pledge?

Well you’re looking at him. Me and one other guy were told for the rest of the 9 week pledge-ship we had to grow out our mustaches..


I remember thinking he has got to be kidding.

No joke- I rocked that mustache for 7 straight weeks, the first week or two were the worst. If it wasn’t already obvious enough that I was freshman, the pornstar like mustache was the icing on the cake.

Immediately after being initiated I shaved that mofo off .. peace ‘n blessings- see ya never.

>>> now its’ 6 years later ..2016

My question: Are mustaches coming back into style?

I see you hipster bros rocking it.

Soo.. a few weeks ago I was trimming my beard and thought to myself: what if you just kept the stache? You’re going to the lake with some friends, it’s Friday: wear it to work-make a few people laugh. So I did.


Let me tell you, people loved it, I mean really loved it. I got several compliments saying I could “pull off” the mustache look, a few h8ers saying I looked like Luigi.

Now it’s the middle of June  .. I am leaving for the Florida Keys tomorrow for 7 blissful days of salty hair, tan skin and strong drinks. While I was prepping for my trip, I thought to myself today is a stache day.

OOTD: Red Floral Hawaiian Shirt, Gap Jeans, Rainbow Flip-Flops, iWatch, Ray-Ban Round (Gold frame/ Green lens) sunglasses + major stache swag.


Disclaimer: didn’t actually ride the bike 😉

I guess the point and the answer to my own question is this: it doesn’t matter if something is in “style” or not ..

If YOU like it, YOU should rock it & who gives 2 sh*ts what anybody thinks or says? Not I.

Welp, I think that’s all for now.

This Stache Swaggin Stud is signing off.


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